Made it to Texas from Florida

Vehicle Name : Old School

For those of you who have seen me on the social skoolie groups and followed my travels, you’ll know we had a heck of a time getting out of Florida.

I moved in full time 2 months ago, right before the pandemic hit, then thinking I’d make a run for it to Texas, the bus broke down 27 times before I could get our of Florida (ok a little exaggeration)

I won’t detail the entire list, but after replacing and renewing the entire fuel system end-to-end, changing and packing bearings, greasing and lubing, and basically updating anything rubber (tires, belts, etc), we got out of Florida and made our way down I-10 headed to Texas.

The bonus, or rather bonuses for doing this…

* Gave the pandemic time to cool down
* Got to know my bus intimately!
* Everywhere we broke, it was amazing – you could say “divine”

In short, the mishaps and mayhem turned into one fun adventure after another and taught me “how to do buss life”. It’s really not about “hurry up and get there,” rather taking it easy and truly enjoying the journey along the way.

I rolled into Dallas to visit family, and not wanting to overstay my welcome with a 35′ bus in their front yard, I started looking for a place to hunker down.

I’d done a lot of work mechanically to my bus, but nothing on the inside of this outdated conversion. I needed a place where I could really tear into my bus without upsetting neighbors, and an RV park was not the answer.

So I posted on Facebook and was ecstatic when Phil, the owner of Awesome Possum reached out to me. If you don’t already know, they have a DIYer Van and Bus conversion ranch.

Today, I am just outside of Graham Texas at Awesome Possum Van Works and all I can say is I am in DIYer’s Heaven!

I’ll be posting updates on my build as I progress, and I am pleased as punch to be a part of this early wave of DIYers hitting the Awesome Possum ranch!

A big thanks goes out to Phil and his entire family and team for their warm hospitality and the amazing property that they’ve created for us Van and Skoolie peeps!