Open Source Econoline 4×4 Project

Vehicle Name : Ford Econoline General Info

Hello Possum People I am here today proud to announce a step forward in our 4×4 conversion kit we’ve been working on which I think everyone will love.
Due to a chain of events recently and then a really good country night and some clear thought in a smoky room I have decided to open source Awesome Possums 4×4 conversion info for Econolines.
What does that mean?
Well I am taking all my notes, references, geometry, and fabrication along with my off the shelf parts lists and the suppliers I buy from and I am giving it all to you. We’re building spread sheets now that have all the tech info for every leaf spring which will work well. These are off the shelf OEM replacement components which anyone can buy cheap anywhere and we’ll give you the specs and part numbers along with our sources.
I’m also supplying the list of spring hangers, shackle kits, and other readily available and cheap off the shelf universal hardware components that connect it all together.
And finally I will be doing a video series that walks everyone through the exact process of taking raw steel from your local supplier and fabricating it into the very few custom pieces needed to complete the install.
It will be a weld in kit however it will be so simple that anyone can hire a good welder for a day and accomplish it with ease if they are not already a confident welder.
Also included will be an accumulation of frame measurements and specs accumulated from frame and collision repair manuals so everyone has the specs and the geometry at their fingertips.
Why you ask?
Well I set out from the start at Awesome Possum to make 4×4 conversion affordable to everyone. That was the premise of my business. And now it has grown into so much more that honestly I don’t have to or have time to do the conversions for everyone. I have plenty of other stuff to occupy my time. So this is my gift to the DIY community. A simple, cheap, proven 4×4 conversion for your Econoline van. Total parts cost is usually around $800, raw material another $200, and then it’s just your time to weld it in.
Happy Vann’n everyone