Easy options for for gutting your bus, get the dirty work done

Vehicle Name : all models

I watch the bus and van groups daily and I try to notice the most common struggles everyone deals with and enjoys least so I can offer options they would prefer to pay someone else to do.
Gutting a bus or any vehicle is one of those things that I see people post about every single day. Buses particularly because when skoolies are assembled they really aren’t meant to be easily taken apart. So I see every day people asking how to take bus seats out. I see people buying tools and trying different saws and grinders and cut off wheels and all manner of stuff and truth is none of it works worth a damn. Ask anyone who’s done it. And then when you get through that part the floor plywood and rubber mat is next. It is usually stuck to the metal underneath with nails for some damn reason. Nails? Yes, don’t ask, it worked new and fast on an assembly line. But now it’s not just plywood nailed down to steel with rubber glued on top. It’s also melted skittles, and spilled juice packets, and all manner of nastiness kids can create on the bus. I try not to think of how many 1st graders might have have yacked in there and the bus barn hosed it out.
But wait, there’s more. Lets talk rivets. Do you have any idea how many rivets re in a bus? LOL! Thousands of them. And if you’re gutting it for fresh insulation and wiring and such then all those rivets have to come out too. It’s a daunting task to many people.
Anyway you get the idea, it’s not a fun job. without knowledge on how they’re put together and without the proper tools gutting a bus can be a heart breaking job.
So what’s my solution I have to offer?
Well I’m glad you asked because honestly here at Awesome Possum we have the muscle and the tools to make light work of it. Think of it as the demolition work. For instance we use a torch to cut seats and tracks loose. Average seat removal time is 4 min each to cut loose and another 11 min to carry out and dispose so 15 min per seat and not even break a sweat unless its a hot day. We also have proven methods and tooling to quickly remove old handicap and wheelchair track bolted to the floor. As for the flooring itself we’ve done it enough that we know what to expect and we have the saws and the rock bars to bust it up quickly without damaging the steel underneath. And we can handle all the rivets too. It’s not a special skill but it does take a strong and steady hand for several straight days who’s got patience for it.
And one more thing, it’s gotta get cleaned, when it’s bare it should get pressure washed if needed so you have a clean and prepped platform to build on yourself DIY or talk to us about a build. But we can discuss that later.
Anyway I am announcing that I am putting together a pro demolition and clean out crew at Awesome Possum where customers can drive through and get all the dirty deeds done dirt cheap when it comes to gutting and cleaning out the inside of that used skoolie or whatever you got. It’s quick and easy work for us to give fast turn around on and I do see a need out there.