Available Boondocking at AwesomePossum

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Hello everyone,
I am here to promote our boondocking location for the completely self contained here at Awesome Possum. Are you looking for a safe port in the C19 storm? Are you escaping the cities where riots and draconian laws are breaking out left and right? Have you had enough of the craziness out there and just want a place to escape to where people still have common courtesy and respect for one another? Well perhaps Awesome Possum is the destination you’re looking for.
We are situated on 34 acres in rural Young County, Texas near Graham and Possum Kingdom Lake and we have lots of room for boondockers to spread out on. Our county, unlike much of the US, has not lost its mind over the C19 thing. Those present here are not worried about masks and we are spread out enough to not worry about it. And the county sheriff and the local pd are not enforcing any draconian laws. Here at AP we have hosted guests from at least 19 states since the C19 began and we will not turn away anyone who is respectful, easy going, and seeking shelter who has the means to maintain their own lives peacefully with others. I made the conscience decision when all this began to keep my gates open and be a port in the storm for those seeking shelter and the risks be damned because I serve a Higher Power who protects and provides for me and I will not run and hide in fear created by men. And you will find that all present here at AP and most in this part of TX in general feel just like I do.
But I drift so lets get back on point. Yes Boondocking space is available here on very private and secluded land. Rates are $50 per week or $200 per month for the fully self contained. The trees don’t get super tall here but there is a fair amount of shade and the heat should be taken into consideration. July and August can be brutal here. But if you have the right equipment on your van, bus, camper, RV, or whatever then you will be fine here. We are approx 5 miles from the town of Graham and there are grocery stores, gasoline, and all general retail in town. We do not have noise regs here so generators can run 24/7 just like the shop here stays open 24/7 and power tools and compressors are often creating a productive hum at all hours. (the shop is approx 1/3 mile from the riverside camping area). And yes the shop is always available for those who need the services offered however this post is not aimed at shop business, this offer is strictly for those who want to boondock. Work in my shop is booked for months to come and we’re simply sharing our overflow space with those who need a safe place to be right now.

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