Just As Cool As A Skoolie

Vehicle Name : 1975 Silver Streak “The Pineapple Express”

My family and I will be arriving on the 1st of July with our 1975 Silver Streak Continental Supreme we have named “The Pineapple Express”.

We have long been admirers of the Skoolie lifestyle and watching video after video on Youtube is what inspired us to change our life and also what helped us find Awesome Possum. After a lot of thought and after even looking at a few buses, we decided we wanted to keep our engine separate from our home in case of breakdowns or emergency’s, but we still want to build our home so we picked the next best thing, a vintage travel trailer.

Anything I can do to help anyone, I will as long as the help is reciprocated. We are doing a full renovation and it has original appliances so a lot of the things in currently in our trailer may be usable to others and we can work that out.

This is our entire life and we look forward to the journey ahead and are excited about arriving next month!

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