Waterline and septic lines going in.

We spent some time on facilities improvements this week. 500 feet of new water main to reach out into the campgrounds, the septic field drain pipe went in the ground for the restroom/shower house, a few more shore power outlets went in, wire got buried, and the restroom/shower house firetruck cab got gutted out the rest of the way so we can now start building inside of it.

97516086_265158104843004_5274779185963859968_n-7.jpg 98185404_838956733181269_4555928512472547328_n-8.jpg 98484479_2853454514776577_6215231686389530624_n-9.jpg 98479149_589129421722710_710462679671635968_n-1-6.jpg 98067436_278109133360394_1904469149942284288_n-5.jpg 97513699_269778180810731_1970356396394283008_n-3.jpg 98345339_889449431502386_1700627867475378176_n-4.jpg 99118145_603878776886785_7575979747847438336_n-2.jpg 98294226_172062627558553_8660084048032432128_n-0.jpg 99388664_534293223907654_331433825844330496_n-1.jpg

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