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What is the life expectancy of ice with or without a yeti?

I had a problem with ice. I would buy a bag and within 2 hours it was gone. Ice is necessary to keep me going. I looked for answers and found diy was the only way to go.

I noticed that the cheaper ice chest lids are not insulated like the expensive bear proof ones and they don't have a tight seal when closed. As always, I turned to YouTube for answers.

I took my Igloo Island Breeze ice chest ($14.97 on Amazon) and added some "yeti" to it. First I drilled four holes in the lid with a bit large enough that the straw from the spray foam can can get in there and move around. I used the loctite 4x density foam cuz I believe thicker is better, right ladies?

After waiting an hour I used my knife to cut the excess foam off the lid and sanded down the areas where needed. Make sure the foam is completely hardened cuz you could really make a mess. Next I sealed off the holes with mildew resistant caulk. Once dried I sanded it down again..

Inside the ice chest I added a bit of foam tape to make sure the seal stayed tight, that's exactly what men say makes the difference.

Last, I personalized it by using a sticker from one of the hosts on a up and coming YouTube show, HVAC Overtime (Thanks again A Team Adam). Check them out love Friday night's on you guessed it, My alma matter, YouTube.

On the YouTube videos I watched them drill their holes inside the lid. I chose to do mine on the outside. This is because I do not like the idea of moisture mixing with the foam and growing who knows what in the same area I keep my lunch and drinks. I don't know if that really matters. It shouldn't if it's sealed well.

I don't think I will need latches, since there are no bears in Dallas or Fort Worth outside of the zoos. I know that the hinge may start to fail and the lid will pop off every time it's opened so I did some research. I found some recycled fireman water hose pieces on amazon.

I added some more stickers to personalize it. I ordered them off Amazon as well, except the hvac ones from various YouTube and podcast personalities.

The total cost comes to just under $30 for the ice chest, fire hose hinges. stickers, can of foam and foam tape. When compared to $199 Yeti, thats a diy deal. Now my ice lasts for days!

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